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The wedding itself

We wanted to wake up super early to be there when they open doors at 8am, hahahaha

I think we got there around 9:30, after getting a cab in rush hour (worst idea ever). After 20 minutes in the cab I asked michael where the rings were. Back at the hotel. So my brother and sister wondered around chinatown for at least three hours looking for crazy ridiculous rings to use, while we stood in line to get our marriage license, then go to another building to get a judicial waiver to allow us to get married that same day and then again for the ceremony.

The ceremony was super fast, we thought we may have had to prepare some vows or something, but no, it was just saying I do like three times each and exchanging rings (and turning them on, they were flashing rings)
My siblings said that we had to wear them all day until the battery died or we would have bad luck.

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    Cute, de nekem hatalmas esküvőm lesz, rengeteg vendéggel és aki nem kocogtatja az evőeszközével a poharát 3 percenként...
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    They are so cute. This is also proof that weddings don’t have to be flashy and expensive to be perfect
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    Awh this is so cute
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    Geez…. look at Edu, you guys are adorable. Congrats! =3
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