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The Meeting Places - On our own

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Oh, what a day

Yesterday I shot the short film The Eternal Youth of Everyone Else. I had auditioned for it almost two months ago and I had completely forgotten about it, but then three weeks ago they called me to offered me the part I auditioned for. I was over my head with excitement (I’m pretty sure that makes no sense as an expression, over your head is when you have too much work, right?). IT was not a paying gig, but the writer and director has directed episodes of The Vampire Diaries and the whole crew was from the show. It was such an amazing experience. Everybody was extremely nice, they all goofed around (they´ve probably known each other for at least 5 seasons of the show), the actors were lovely, the catering was abundant and everything was so professional. When I first got my call sheet for the Saturday shot I started to freak out, I had never seen a call sheet before. I had to google some of the stuff to know exactly everything that was expected of me.

I cannot express how excited and grateful I am for the opportunity, the story was touching but not cheesy, the quality of the video is astounding (I’m finally going to have footage for my demo reel) and it offered various networking opportunities. Well, Lauren just said that she was going to show it to everybody at vampire diaries and submit it to festivals, that’s great exposure.

I loved working with Jessica and discover that we are very similar, almmost everybody had been to spain or knew some spanish, so I spent a lot of time helping them practice their spanish.
First we shot on a cemetery under the rain, with really cold weather, but then we went to a beautiful house from a couple friends with Natalie. They seemed to be very nice people, he was a farmer, had super long blonde dreadlocks and an amazing ginger beard that at least has been growing for 2 years, huge. Their little daughter was precious. They were very hippie like. They had a vegetable garden and chicken, horses and pigs.

So I was a bit afraid of messing up in my first professional set. I didn´t want to do anything that seemed unprofessional. I think I pretty much did well. I didn´t take any picture, I remember that guy that got fired from a TV show (don´t remember which one) for tweeting a picture of the set, so just to be safe I didn´t take any picture whatsoever.

That´s why the only pictures I have to proof my experience of the shoot are those two that Michael took right before dropping me at the location in the morning (after that Jessica was kind enough to drive me around and take me back home).
So that´s my suit for the funeral. The first suit I´ve ever owned. It was a low budget film, so we were supposed to provide our own wardrobe. I tried mixing and matching some of Michael´s clothes to try and make it look like a black suit, but it didn´t work. So Wednesday I went to D & K and they had a buy one get two free. So now I have three suits and I spent around $300 (it would have been around $230, but they all needed alterations).

The only bad thing is, I didn´t really follow my high protein, low fat & carbs diet. There were too many temptations on the catering. It was more like a high fat, high carb low protein diet.

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The Meeting Places - Wide awake

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I was convinced I had uploaded this before. Every time it plays I start dancing in a ¨sexy¨way. It makes me feel like a french lolita or Eva Green in Dreamers (that’s a very specific feeling I would say)

French Kicks - Sex Tourists

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Trust - Joyland

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The Bird and the Bee - Man

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The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Eurydice

I’ll never stop loving them

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There’s something for the weekend

Last weekend Christie and Morgan came to visit on Sunday. We went to a mexican restaurant where I discovered I’m not crazy about enchiladas, but veggie tacos are awesome. I woke up really early monday just to be able to cook my blueberries/banana whole wheat pancakes to them, they always leave without having breakfast before I even get up. Saturday was work day building the set for the play and then more work planting stuff in the backyard.
This weekend, Saturday  morning shopping for Hannah’s present at the mall and then the birthday party at Medieval Times. I was expecting the food to be horrible and, at least the veggie option, was pretty decent.  Then we went to the gym and I pull a muscle in my back which pain I’ve dealing with all day. Today, Dogwood festival, Barry’s brunch, Legally blonde at McDonough and then Act I of Lear in rehearsal at Roswell. Today I’ve becomed again deaduardo, but before that I’m wallduardo

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At some point it reminds me of brazilian girls
Sylvan Esso - Coffee

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I have to admit some songs are enhanced by the sound of the vinyl

Broken Social Scene - hHallmark

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TRUST - Capitol

I’m feeling lazy today

just visiting old friends

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