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There’s something for the weekend

Last weekend Christie and Morgan came to visit on Sunday. We went to a mexican restaurant where I discovered I’m not crazy about enchiladas, but veggie tacos are awesome. I woke up really early monday just to be able to cook my blueberries/banana whole wheat pancakes to them, they always leave without having breakfast before I even get up. Saturday was work day building the set for the play and then more work planting stuff in the backyard.
This weekend, Saturday  morning shopping for Hannah’s present at the mall and then the birthday party at Medieval Times. I was expecting the food to be horrible and, at least the veggie option, was pretty decent.  Then we went to the gym and I pull a muscle in my back which pain I’ve dealing with all day. Today, Dogwood festival, Barry’s brunch, Legally blonde at McDonough and then Act I of Lear in rehearsal at Roswell. Today I’ve becomed again deaduardo, but before that I’m wallduardo

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At some point it reminds me of brazilian girls
Sylvan Esso - Coffee

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I have to admit some songs are enhanced by the sound of the vinyl

Broken Social Scene - hHallmark

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TRUST - Capitol

I’m feeling lazy today

just visiting old friends

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Lykke Li - No Rest For The Wicked

me gusta mas rubia

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The day of the useless MARTA tickets…

…or why should I do everything online.
Yesterday I went to the IRS to make an amended income tax return, after three months of saying I was going to. After two hours there, I finally managed to figure out how the form works and turns out I owe the federal government 8 dollars. I had no cash or checks with me, so today I went back again just to pay the 8 dollars. My visit would have been twenty minutes shorter if I wasn’t a nice person. I was first in line and this woman asked for permission to skip line. It seemed she had already been attended so I figured she just needed to make a quick question. Why else would anybody skip a line for, knowing how rude that is, if it wasn’t to do something really quick that wouldn’t bother the people left in line? Well, the bitch spent twenty minutes there. Everytime the man would say that he could not help, she would start over explaining the same thing over and over again. If I had lasers in my eyes I would have fried her. But that’s not the point of this post. After the IRS, I had to go to the Georgia Department of Revenue to do the same thing. At the IRS was form 1040X, at the GDR was 500X. But where the IRS is pretty efficient and have people at your disposal to help you with any question you may have, at the GDR they love making you waste your time. I got there after the first useless MARTA ride of the day and some bike ride, and in the first window they told me which form to fill and told me they couldn’t help me fill it out. But they told me that on the other side of the building they helped filling tax returns and that if I asked nicely they would help me, so I go to the other side and they give me a number and tell me to wait. An hour later, after seeing government workers take 10 min breaks between every “costumer”, I go to window number 2, where they tell me that they lied to me on the other side and that I have to go back there and tell them to call somebody from upstairs to help me fill out the form. So I go back to the other side, where they call a woman that just tells me that they don’t fill it out for me and that if I have any questions I can go to their website and find the instructions to fill out the form. So I go home after two hours of my life I’ll never get back.
Then work.
A couple of hours ago I thought to check my calendar just to make sure I don’t have play rehearsal this week as I told Michael and it turns out today I’m supposed to go there. For a second a thought crosses my mind. What if I pretend that I forgot about it and just skip it? But no, that’s not nice. So, half an hour on MARTA, 25 minutes biking to find out they’ve canceled rehearsal. Today is not my day. So I ride back to the MARTA station, I miss the train, get on the next one and after me a man comes inside and instead of going towards the seats he lingers around the area where I am, then he farts and calmly goes and seats on the other side of the car. And it’s not the he didn’t see me.
I lost hope in humanity today, well only a little. Now I’m meeting Michael to go to the movies. Trying to compensate.

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Just because I love the black and white

The Darcys - Josie

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At first I thought it was Chad VanGaalen. Just because of the animation. Then I read the description of the video.

Timber Timber - Beat the drum slowly

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Kiss me goodbyeI’m defying gravityand you can’t pull me dooooown
I should be working

Kiss me goodbye
I’m defying gravity
and you can’t pull me dooooown

I should be working

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Some Whovian got to the shelter

Some Whovian got to the shelter

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Making veggie corn dogs in a pan by the fire

Cody Pody not wanting to be in the picture

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I found the pictures of the camping trip

I forgot to mention the ghost trees and my feet wetting in the lake

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Things I remember
Shooting the short film in spanish
first time acting in my native language
it felt strange
We had a great time
I laughed a lot with Ivette
we connected right away
there’s a video on facebook of us being stupid/funny
I wanted to post it here, but it’s impossible
facebook is so endogamic
it doesn’t allow you to share anything outside of it
I drove Aaron all the way to east atlanta
we talked about movies
very heated conversation
he told me that about the “key for a clue” short film
I don´t know if you remember about the worse experience I´ve ever had
while on set
the girl never got back to me, so I assumed it never got edited
It turns out there´s a finished version
painful to watch
he sent me a link the next day
I haven´t had the nerve to upload it
I don´t think I mentioned the bonfire at Neil´s
it was fun
though I mostly spoke to Jessie, Calvin, Erin and Jack
I made no new friends
oh, yes, that was the Saturday before the shoot
I remember now because I just had had the first visit with Nicole
the nutritionist I’ve been consulting
I was supposed to log all I was eating and it just got us in a weird weekend
but I´m really happy with the results so far
I almost have a washing board
then, next weekend we went to see Jamie perform at Boeing Boeing
great show, so much fun
Tori was there too, she was the french maid
then rushing to get to the Iberian Pig
we got in when the kitchen was supposed to be closed
we tried to order as fast as possible, feeling very guilty
but instead of being punished, as I was expecting, we got extra stuff and free dessert
the chef came to our table, very nice guy
next day to the farmers market, where I went a bit crazy again
and maybe cooking the rest of the day, not sure
This past weekend we went camping to the tallulah gorge national park
we went to the backcountry site that is at the end of a 4 mile hike
we were carrying two backpacks each
we got there quite exhausted and starving
the camping thing is a tradition that started maybe a month or two after we met
We had been already to that camp site, three years ago
that time Michael told me stories about his boy club days
it was october, I think
the leaves were changing, it was so beautiful
this year the trees were bare, but it was cool because we were able to see the lake from the camp site
this time we talked about his youth girl friends and about the importance of journaling
we do it once or twice a year (camping)
we always go to Ingles and buy veggie corn dogs or hot dogs and make them on the fire
we also forget every time to bring ketchup and mustard from home, so we have an extensive collection of bottles in the fridge
bottles that are never going to get use, as we only use them when we go camping
It was great, at least for me
I got a first
Never had been masturbated through two sleeping bags
The next morning (I wanted to go to the dock, but we didn´t have time) we packed and left and I ended up carrying three of the backpacks while Michael carried the lightest one
When we got to the car we were so hungry that we ended up going to Waffle House and then getting an oreo blizzard from Dairy Queen
fuck the diet
After that I got a call about the cool short film that I thought I didn’t get, specially because it had been at least a month since the audition, they asked me to play the uncle. I don’t have many lines, but I don’t care, I´m so happy to be part of a nice project like that.
Now, yesterday we went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel, we liked it. After my disappointment with Moonrise Kingdom, I was afraid I was not going to like it.
Today was a work day for the play, we built the set base. The platforms are up. We were quite a few, but not every body worked. At some point I stopped and had lunch while other people kept working, I was feeling stupid, starving and working my ass off, while other people were just standing around chatting.
After that I rode the bike down to the pike nursery in buckhead and met Michael there. Bought a tomato plant and some geraniums to put in the front porch. Michael worked hard to make everything look nice in the front for Christie (she´s coming tomorrow, which means I’m going to miss Emily’s 21st birthday party, I feel guilty about it). I worked in the backyard trying to make it look not so horrible.
I forgot that Friday morning Dominique (an actress from the agency I´m in) came to the house to tape with me a video for a commercial audition for The Biltmore Estate. It would be so funny if I was in a commercial for that, Michael would love that. So, because we had to tape in the sun room, we had to clean up both the bedroom and the sun room. The last was an absolut mess. While I cleaned the bedroom and sun room, Michael had time to vacuum the whole downstairs, tide up the living room, dinning room, TV room and kitchen, sweep the stairs and clean both guest bathrooms. It was a nightmare. But the taping was fun. She’s a very pretty girl and she seems very nice.

Ok, it’s nighty night time

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