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Bistec y mamada

I always joke about being really easy to please. I say I can be happy with just sex, tv and ice cream.
Well, today I started the day pretty moody. I don’t know if it was the conversation on skype with my parents where they, once again, reminded me of the precarity of my situation in this house, or maybe the fact that yesterday was the last performance of August: Osage County and I’m a bit depressed that is over, I enjoyed it too much.
Whatever the reason, I wasn’t in the best of moods. Then Michael wanted to go shopping (I hate going shopping in general, but specially in a day like fucking Labor Day, for me it is a holiday to give the workers a rest, not have special sales and all go to the mall to annoy the poor guys that have to work) so I wasn’t very nice.
But nothing like sex and an episode of Arrested Development while eating skinny cow ice creams to cheer me up.

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We went to have dinner with Barry at Vickery’s, they played Good sex, Just one of the guys, The mother we share and a lot more I liked, I spent half the dinner singing.

Mac DeMarco - Chamber of reflections

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Le journal

I should be writing every day, or at least every week. There’s so many things I experience every day that my memory doesn’t record, or that it does but it just goes to my short term memory.
I need to write them down so I can, later on, enjoy sipping on the sweet nectar of my memories (as Jens Lekman would say)
I love riding the bike as a mode of transportation, but as I’m always late, I am in such a hurry that I can’t stop and enjoy those little moments that nature offers me. Yesterday I saw a young deer by the side of the road and today the water by the dam was covered in a thick layer of fog, it was maybe six feet, but you could still see the water, it was a wonderful sight. I couldn’t take pictures, but I hope this will help me remember how I felt while I saw them.

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blooper from this morning taping

blooper from this morning taping

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French Kicks - All Ur Weekends

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Yppah - Never mess with Sunday

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Neon Indian - Heart:Release

There’s a little bit of spoilers in case someone hasn’t seen the movie Hanna

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The sky is trying to communicate with me. 
So far it has only said G.
I think it is trying to spell gay.

The sky is trying to communicate with me.
So far it has only said G.
I think it is trying to spell gay.

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Even without listening to the music, because of that super 8 aesthetics, I already liked them.


The Hobbes Fanclub - Stay Gold

From The Hobbes Fanclub’s new album “Up At Lagrange”, released 19th August 2014. Filmed on 8mm film in Paris in September 2012.

Stream the album here

Links: Tumblr  |  Bandcamp  |  Facebook  |  Twitter

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In all these years

I had never seen an interview with PJ Harvey, I had never heard her speak. I never imagined her so sweet. It seems the growing up in a sheep farm is a mandatory topic for the interviewer, always.
I missed my chance to see her in concert many years ago to go see Phoenix (something I’ve never regretted as that was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been) and now I wonder if I should have done otherwise, as I’ve had the chance to see Phoenix three more times afterwards but never PJ Harvey.

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PJ Harvey - Rid of me

I love how she twists her mouth

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Another instance of my appeal for lost causes. For the last couple of days I’ve been watching yet another cancelled show. There’s just one episode left until the end of it, I don’t think I’m going to get a satisfying ending. And it has gotten so interesting in the last few episodes…

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Super quick change of clothes for act 3 scene 2, the molestation.

Super quick change of clothes for act 3 scene 2, the molestation.

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